How it all started

Once upon a time… about 4-5 years ago, I was working at what I thought was a good corporate job which they treated me like a king for the first few months. At that time I rescued my dog Ammo who was beaten and starved. Shortly after he got deathly sick and I had to take him to the hospital about an hour before my meeting which I did call my boss in advance. All they said was if I don’t make it on time then I will get written up. It happen two days later (again I called my boss 90 minutes before the meeting started) but this time they said I will not only get written up but also if it happens one more time I would be automatically terminated. Let’s just say when I returned to the office, that was the last day they saw me and they knew exactly how I felt all while being professional. I am not saying working corporate is bad as I have had good corporate jobs before, but this one was not for me.

That very next day, I took my Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle in my backyard and started painting it. Before painting, I completely disassembled, degreased, and hand sanded (now we sand blast thank the Lord). I applied Rustoleum spray paint and applying a three color camouflage using gradients, various spray techniques and a sponge. When it was finished, I looked at thinking I did a decent job and asked myself “Do people do this for a living”?

Then came the research, networking, talking on forums etc. Next step was essentially the beginners equipment (airbrush, HVLP gun, small air compressor, built a spray booth and a few DuraCoat colors. During that time is when I received my FFL license and started LeBreux Tactical! I will forever be grateful for my first client (Derek W), past, current, future clients and everyone who has helped along the way.

Lastly, the final piece to this puzzle comes from seeing my closest family members bullied which planted a backbone in me at a very early age. That’s where our infinite amount of passion for training, attention of detail, American craftsmanship and more come from!


About Us

We are a small, family owned business obtaining a 07 FFL (Federal Firearms Manufacturer License), able to accept any firearms from anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  We are rated #1 in Illinois and Chicago land area for your Cerakote, DuraCoat and Stippling needs. Here at LeBreux Tactical, we treat our clients & students as our family! We efficiently and effectively operate both production coatings (Cerakote, DuraCoat & GunCandy) and stippling orders as well as our single client projects. We service a lot of Law Enforcement officers, Military personnel and everyday civilians. Ranging from U. S. Olympic shooters, competition, tactical, edc, self defense and more. Being certified firearms applicators and gunsmiths, we go above and beyond delivering to the expectations YOU set! We wouldn't feel complete if we didn't offer a discount to our first responders. They are putting their lives on the line so we can live ours safe and free, so we are giving back any way possible. That includes our Military, LEO's, Firefighters, EMS, Militia members and more that receive 15% off LeBreux Tactical services, some including Gun Coatings and Gun Stippling. Enjoy your stay as we greatly appreciate YOU being YOU!